Unele constatări vizând starea calității manualelor școlare de biologie
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CABINA, Iulia. Unele constatări vizând starea calității manualelor școlare de biologie. In: Interuniversitaria. Ediția 12, 26 mai 2016, Bălți. Bălți, Republica Moldova: Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo” din Bălți, 2017, pp. 44-51. ISBN 978-9975-50-197-2.
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Ediția 12, 2017
Colocviul "Interuniversitaria"
Bălți, Moldova, 26 mai 2016

Unele constatări vizând starea calității manualelor școlare de biologie

CZU: 371.67:573
Pag. 44-51

Cabina Iulia
Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo" din Bălţi
Disponibil în IBN: 21 ianuarie 2020


The investigation is trying to find answers to one of the major current issues – school biology textbook quality, which equally concerned: teachers, authors, publishers, editors, reviewers, parents and students. The paper presents results of research quality biology textbooks for secondary and high school level studies. They are highlighted and described the strengths and weaknesses of such issues as: the availability of language, the color spectrum used, the loading manual with information. The material includes findings and conclusions regarding school biology textbooks and useful recommendations that can be used in the process of re-editing and completing future generations of textbooks. The results presented generalized assessments and the conclusions drawn are based on the perception of textbooks by students in a wide range of ages (classes VI - XII).

textbook content, quality manual, language, accessibility, quality index, state textbooks.