Социальное представление о разводе у молодёжи Республики Молдова
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ГОРОДЕЦКАЯ, Юлия. Социальное представление о разводе у молодёжи Республики Молдова. In: Interuniversitaria, Ed. 14, 3 mai 2018, Bălți. Bălți, Republica Moldova: Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo” din Bălți, 2019, Ediția 14, pp. 291-296. ISBN 978-9975-50-234-4..
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Ediția 14, 2019
Colocviul "Interuniversitaria"
14, Bălți, Moldova, 3 mai 2018

Социальное представление о разводе у молодёжи Республики Молдова

CZU: 314.5:316.346.32-053.6(478)

Pag. 291-296

Городецкая Юлия
Бельцкий Государственный Университет "Алеку Руссо"
Disponibil în IBN: 16 ianuarie 2020


Marital divorce is a hot topic in modern society. It can be noted that most often this subject becomes the Central theme for discussion and debate. Marital divorce, because of the frequency of occurrence of the young generation, is becoming an important subject of research, namely social representations of divorce among young people of the Republic of Moldova. Attitude, perception and the idea of divorce leads to the disclosure of the topic, reveals youth values, attitudes of society as a whole. Before us was the goal of the study social representations about the divorce of the youth of the Republic of Moldova, because analyzing this aspect, we derive the outward position of the young generation and their associations related to the divorce. After all, depending on your understanding of this phenomenon, they build their life, i.e., put priorities and make decisions. So, on the basis of the socio-economic context of the Republic of Moldova it follows that the study of social representations about divorce is simply necessary for a modern community.

social representation, divorce, youth, peripheral elements, the Central core