Anisotropy of Optical Transmission and Photoluminescence
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JITARI, Vasile; PAVLENKO, Vladimir; SHEMYAKOVA, Tatiana. Anisotropy of Optical Transmission and Photoluminescence . In: Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry. 2010, nr. 6(46), pp. 628-631. ISSN 1068-3755.
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Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry
Numărul 6(46) / 2010 / ISSN 1068-3755 /ISSNe 1934-8002

Anisotropy of Optical Transmission and Photoluminescence

Pag. 628-631

Jitari Vasile, Pavlenko Vladimir, Shemyakova Tatiana
Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 28 noiembrie 2013


Significant anisotropy of the optical transmission associated with the exponential increasing of the absorption coefficient and the anisotropy of the photoluminescence were found in ZnIn2S4 and ZnIn2S4:Cu single crystals. It was shown that the peculiarities of the investigated photoluminescence spectra are associated with optical transitions involving donor and acceptor levels. The possibility was found to control the spectra’s shape and intensity using doping and variation of the technological parameters to allow preparing ZnIn2S4 single crystals with alternation of three and one packet polytypes.