Switching Effect on Thin T1InSe Films
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GODZHAEV, E.; GYULMAMEDOV, K.; KHALILOVA, Kh.; GULIYEVA, S.. Switching Effect on Thin T1InSe Films . In: Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry. 2011, nr. 5(47), pp. 390-393. ISSN 1068-3755.
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Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry
Numărul 5(47) / 2011 / ISSN 1068-3755 /ISSNe 1934-8002

Switching Effect on Thin T1InSe Films

Pag. 390-393

Godzhaev E., Gyulmamedov K., Khalilova Kh., Guliyeva S.
Disponibil în IBN: 29 noiembrie 2013


This article examines the current–voltage characteristic of thin TlInSe2 films in a static mode depending on the length and area of the contact. It has been found that, on thin TlInSe2 films, the effect of switching with memory is observed, and, to get stable switching, the threshold current should not exceed the current of the stabilization of the state with a nonhomogenous current distributed over the cross section.