Aplicarea tehnologiei Blockchain în managementul financiar-contabil
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AMARFII-RAILEAN, Nelli. Aplicarea tehnologiei Blockchain în managementul financiar-contabil. In: Traditie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică. Ediția 8, 12 octombrie 2018, Bălți. Bălți: Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo” din Bălți, 2018, pp. 156-158. ISBN 978-9975-50-235-1.
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Traditie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică
Ediția 8, 2018
Conferința "Traditie și inovare în cercetarea științifică"
Bălți, Moldova, 12 octombrie 2018

Aplicarea tehnologiei Blockchain în managementul financiar-contabil

CZU: 336.225.673
Pag. 156-158

Amarfii-Railean Nelli
Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo" din Bălţi
Disponibil în IBN: 20 decembrie 2019


The effects of blockchain accounting for the firm are identified as increased automation of traditional accounting functions, significant reductions in internal and external fraud and increased trust and usefulness of financial information. Firms and professionals should be prepared for such developments as they could render traditional skills obsolete and could put a serious demand for IT skills in such industries. In this article,we describe the technology and its likely impact on business, and inpar-ticular on the accounting profession.The purpose of the research is to continue previous research on information technologies applications in accounting and financial analysisand to explore howtechnology could alter industries and professions over time.A literature review is conducted on peer-reviewed articles and professional literature relevant to the topic.

Automated Audit, Block Chain Tehnologie, Real-Time Accounting, Triple-Entry Accounting