Creația de televiziune a cineastului Emil Loteanu
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BOHANŢOV, Alexandru. Creația de televiziune a cineastului Emil Loteanu. In: Intertext . 2019, nr. 1-2(49-50), pp. 323-328. ISSN 1857-3711.
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Numărul 1-2(49-50) / 2019 / ISSN 1857-3711

Creația de televiziune a cineastului Emil Loteanu

Filmmaker Emil Loteanu’s Creation in Television

CZU: 654.1

Pag. 323-328

Bohanţov Alexandru
Universitatea Liberă Internaţională din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 20 septembrie 2019


The well-known filmmaker and writer Emil Loteanu graduated from the Soviet Cinematography Institute of Moscow (the famous VGIK) in 1962. At the same time, he made a short film about our popular music (Songs of Joy) at the "Telefilm-Chisinau". As director, Emil Loteanu will return to television in the mid-nineties of the twentieth century, when he made the Luceafarul, based on the life and works of the national poet Mihai Eminescu, where Loteanu tried to transpose in audiovisual images the tragic fate of the romantic artist, but also the creator of symbolic images ever. The film has sparked a lot of controversy at that time, especially in the press, as well as in a wide-ranging debate over the premiere of this film, which took place at the beginning of 1987 in the Great Hall of the Writers' Union of Moldova. Three are the elements that make up the structure and the substance of this television production: an ad-hoc report from the director of the Luceafărul ballet by the composer Eugen Doga (the book by Emil Loteanu), as well as a subject line from the life of the poet Mihai Eminescu, almost chronologically pursued. In the view of some filmologists, this heterogeneous construction did not allow the director to articulate a coherent cinematographic discourse across the entire film.

TV movie, Eminescu, Eminescu film, filmmaker Emil Loteanu, "Luceafarul" poem and ballet, character, narrator, filmmaking studio "Telefilm-Chisinau"