Istoria recentă a Republicii Moldova
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2021-03-17 15:03
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94(478) (1054)
Istoria Moldovei. Republica Moldova (32)
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XENOFONTOV, Ion.  Istoria recentă a Republicii Moldova. In: Revista Militară. Studii de securitate şi apărare. 2018, nr. 2(20), pp. 69-109. ISSN 1857-405X.
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Revista Militară. Studii de securitate şi apărare
Numărul 2(20) / 2018 / ISSN 1857-405X

 Istoria recentă a Republicii Moldova

The recent history of the Republic of Molodva

CZU: 94(478)
Pag. 69-109

Xenofontov Ion12
1 Academia Militară a Forţelor Armate “Alexandru cel Bun”,
2 Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 23 august 2019


The complex information is presented in this paper concerning the history of the Republic of Moldova, starting from the state independence proclaiming till now. The general data are exposed, including the internal and international context of the state independence, state institutions establishing, independence recognizing and integration into the international community, foreign policy of a new state, state symbols, symbolic value actions for the country. A special place is given to the War on the Nistru and its consequences for the development of the Republic of Moldova as a state. An attention is given to the subject related to the Autonomous territorial unit with special status Gagauzia (Gagauz-Yeri), interethnic relations in the Republic of Moldova. From the evolutionary perspective, the social-economic situation, education, science, culture, cultural heritage, spiritual life, physical culture and sports are analysed. The actual problems are studied, including the unionist movement, environmental problem, etc. Nor was the aspect overlooked related to the Republic of Moldova in the Guinness Records Book. The texts are accompanied with the illustrative materials.

independence, Economy, policy, spirituality, separatism, authonomy, Republic of Moldova