Competenţa de a comunica – mijloc de realizare a proceselor instructiv-educative
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VLĂDESCU, Ionuţ. Competenţa de a comunica – mijloc de realizare a proceselor instructiv-educative . In: Studia Universitatis (Seria Ştiinţe ale Educaţiei) . 2008, nr. 9(19), pp. 128-138. ISSN 1857-2103.
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Studia Universitatis (Seria Ştiinţe ale Educaţiei)
Numărul 9(19) / 2008 / ISSN 1857-2103 /ISSNe 2345-1025

Competenţa de a comunica – mijloc de realizare a proceselor instructiv-educative

Pag. 128-138

Vlădescu Ionuţ
Disponibil în IBN: 21 noiembrie 2013


The communication skill has always been in the preoccupation of the scholars dealing with education issues. Intuitively, both the parents and educators have thought about the methods that should be used for obtaining the best understanding of the requests formulated and the way the young persons should consider for learning the lifetime experience of the elders. For centuries, the main methods to achieve such purpose have consisted in speaking, gesticulating, writing, and reading. The usual manner used for conveying the school knowledge has always been the oration, which sustained the teacher on the foremost ground, at the same time assigning the disciple the passive role of the un-critical receptor of the ideas promoted by the master. The undeniable benefit of such periods of time has consisted in developing the logics, the capacity of formulating clear and coherent sentences, which could satisfy certain phrasing needs, the capacity of syllogistic judgement and argumentative techniques. The verbal communication has gained refinement and more and more agreeable.

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