Optimization of the composition of fillings with heat-stable properties
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POPEL, Svetlana; CROPOTOVA, Janna; PARSHAKOVA, Lidia; DRAGANOVA, Elena; PÎRGARI, Elena; COLESNICENCO, Alexandra; PUJAILO, Evdochia; ZYRYANOVA, E.. Optimization of the composition of fillings with heat-stable properties. In: Modern Technologies in the Food Industry. 18-20 octombrie 2018, Chişinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: 2018, pp. 165-170. ISBN 978-9975-87-428-1.
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Modern Technologies in the Food Industry 2018
Conferința "Modern Technologies in the Food Industry"
4, Chişinău, Moldova, 18-20 octombrie 2018

Optimization of the composition of fillings with heat-stable properties

Pag. 165-170

Popel Svetlana, Cropotova Janna, Parshakova Lidia, Draganova Elena, Pîrgari Elena, Colesnicenco Alexandra, Pujailo Evdochia, Zyryanova E.
Practical Scientific Institute of Horticulture and Food Technology
Disponibil în IBN: 15 iulie 2019


The studies belong to a food industry and apply for the determination of composition, parameters quantitative and functional technological of the composition for the heat-stable fillings, which are used in fabrication of bakery and confectionery products. Criterion of heat-stability will be represented by BI (bakery index), which should be in interval 90-100 units for the heat-stable fillings, 80-90 units for the fillings with average heat-stability and under 80 units for heat-unstable fillings. Food fibers like a pectin, starch, gums and other may give heat-stable properties to fillings.

fruit filling, heat-stable, gellan gum, Starch

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