Canibalismul: Aspecte juridico-penale şi criminologice
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EŞANU, Adriana; BOT, Alexandru. Canibalismul: Aspecte juridico-penale şi criminologice. In: Studia Universitatis (Seria Ştiinţe Sociale). 2009, nr. 8(28), pp. 123-129. ISSN 1814-3199.
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Studia Universitatis (Seria Ştiinţe Sociale)
Numărul 8(28) / 2009 / ISSN 1814-3199 /ISSNe 2345-1017

Canibalismul: Aspecte juridico-penale şi criminologice

Pag. 123-129

Eşanu Adriana, Bot Alexandru
Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 29 iulie 2013


Cannibalism reveals the most terrifying fear among the members of the society; its intimidating effects generate the need of research of the motivational aspect of the criminal in connection with the forms that can be embraced by this phenomenon. The purpose of this study can not be reduced only to an investigation concerning the subjective elements of the criminal mind, but it is extended to the legal qualification of the crime in the circumstance of its varied forms. In addition we have tried to answer the following question: Do cannibals suffer of mental problems that fit in the concept of irresponsibility or they are fully responsible, but having a total lack of morality? To achieve the proposed priorities in this article, there have been investigated sources regarding cannibal crime-actions and sentence solutions.