Diagnostics of otitis media with effusion
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ABABIY, Ivan; DIACOVA, Svetlana; CHIABURU, Anghelina; PARII, Sergiu; CHIRTOCA, Diana; MANYUK, Mihail; DANILOV, Lucian; ABABII, Polina. Diagnostics of otitis media with effusion. In: Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering. Editia 2, 18-20 aprilie 2013, Chișinău. Technical University of Moldova, 2013, pp. 447-450. ISBN 978-9975-62-343-8..
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Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering
Editia 2, 2013
Conferința "International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering"
2nd Edition, Chișinău, Moldova, 18-20 aprilie 2013

Diagnostics of otitis media with effusion

Pag. 447-450

Ababiy Ivan, Diacova Svetlana, Chiaburu Anghelina, Parii Sergiu, Chirtoca Diana, Manyuk Mihail, Danilov Lucian, Ababii Polina
”Nicolae Testemițanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy
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Background. Chronic Otitis media with effusion (COME) is characterized by presence of effusion in the middle ear behind an intact tympanic membrane during 3 months or more. This study was conducted to evaluate the influence of middle ear effusion on Pneumatic Otoscopy, Otomicroscopy, Impedance Audiometry, Distortion product otoacoustic emission (DPOE) and Brainstem Electrical Response Audiometry (BERA). Material and methods. This is a prospective comparative study. Children with COME established on the basis of Otomicroscopy, complete Audiologic examination underwent tympanotomy with collection of effusion from the middle ear. Presence and character liquid were compared with the results of preoperative examinations.