Miniaturized Heat-Flux Sensor Based on a Glass-Insulated Bi–Sn Microwire
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KONOPKO, Leonid; NIKOLAEVA, Albina; HUBER, Tito; KOBYLIANSKAYA, A.K.. Miniaturized Heat-Flux Sensor Based on a Glass-Insulated Bi–Sn Microwire. In: Semiconductors. 2019, nr. 5(53), pp. 662-666. ISSN 1063-7826.
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Numărul 5(53) / 2019 / ISSN 1063-7826

Miniaturized Heat-Flux Sensor Based on a Glass-Insulated Bi–Sn Microwire

DOI: 10.1134/S1063782619050117
Pag. 662-666

Konopko Leonid1, Nikolaeva Albina1, Huber Tito2, Kobylianskaya A.K.1
1 Ghitu Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnology,
2 Howard University
Disponibil în IBN: 10 iunie 2019


Abstract: Thermoelectric-energy conversion based on a single element made of an anisotropic material is considered. In such materials, the heat flux generates a transverse electric field. We fabricate an experimental heat-flux sensor (HFS) sample consisting of a 10-m-long glass-insulated single-crystal tin-doped bismuth microwire (outer diameter D = 18 μm, microwire diameter d = 4 μm). The microwire is wound into a flat spiral after recrystallization in a strong electric field, during which the main crystallographic axis C3 is oriented at the optimum angle with respect to the microwire axis. The sensor sensitivity reaches 10–2 V/W with the time constant τ ≈ 0.2 s. The sensor fabrication technology is rather simple and reliable for industrial applications.

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