Error correcting codes from sub-exceeding functions
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RABEFIHAVANANA, L.; ANDRIATAHINY, H.; RABEHERIMANANA, T.. Error correcting codes from sub-exceeding functions. In: Computer Science Journal of Moldova. 2019, nr. 1(79), pp. 34-55. ISSN 1561-4042.
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Computer Science Journal of Moldova
Numărul 1(79) / 2019 / ISSN 1561-4042

Error correcting codes from sub-exceeding functions

CZU: 004.416.2+519.1
Pag. 34-55

Rabefihavanana L., Andriatahiny H., Rabeherimanana T.
University of Antananarivo
Disponibil în IBN: 30 mai 2019


In this paper, we present linear systematic error-correcting codes Lk and L+ k which are the results of our research on the sub-exceeding functions. Given an integer k such that k ≥ 3, these two codes are respectively [2k, k] and [3k, k] linear codes. The minimum distance of L3 is 3 and for k ≥ 4 the minimum distance of Lk is 4. The code L+ k , the minimum distances are respectively 5 and 6 for k = 4 and k ≥ 5. By calculating the complexity of the algorithms, our codes have fast and efficient decoding. Then, for a short and medium distance data transmission (wifi network, bluetooth, cable, ...), we see that the codes mentioned above present many advantages.

Error correction code, encoding, decoding, subexceeding function