Azaheterocycles: chemistry and applications
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MANGALAGIU, Ionel. Azaheterocycles: chemistry and applications. In: Ecological and environmental chemistry 2017The 6th International Conference. 2-3 martie 2017, Chișinău. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova: Academy of Sciences of Moldova, 2017, p. 191.
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Ecological and environmental chemistry 2017 2017
Conferința "Ecological and environmental chemistry 2017"
Chișinău, Moldova, 2-3 martie 2017

Azaheterocycles: chemistry and applications

Pag. 191-191

Mangalagiu Ionel
„Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi
Disponibil în IBN: 18 martie 2019


Over the past years, five and six member ring azaheterocyclic compounds have received considerable attention due to their important applications from pharmacological, industrial, and synthetic points of view. Azaheterocyclic derivatives, especially azine, diazine and diazols, were reported as valuable scaffolds in medicinal chemistry, showing variously biological activities such as antiviral and anticancer, antituberculosis and other antimicrobials, analgesic, etc. On the other hand, these compounds are widely discussed nowadays for their applications in optoelectronics (fluorescent derivatives, chemosensors, logic gates), agriculture (growth regulators, pesticides, insecticides), ionic liquids, etc. As part of our ongoing research in the field of azaheterocycles derivatives, we present herein some core results obtained by our group in the field of nitrogen heterocycles derivatives, focused on chemistry and their pharmacological and industrial potential applications.