The management of solid waste
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DUCA, Gheorghe; MEREUTA, Aliona. The management of solid waste. In: Ecological and environmental chemistry 2017The 6th International Conference. 2-3 martie 2017, Chișinău. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova: Academy of Sciences of Moldova, 2017, p. 119.
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Ecological and environmental chemistry 2017 2017
Conferința "Ecological and environmental chemistry 2017"
Chișinău, Moldova, 2-3 martie 2017

The management of solid waste

Pag. 119-119

Duca Gheorghe1, Mereuta Aliona2
1 Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
2 University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 12 martie 2019


In the frames of global ecological approaches solid waste has one specific feature: it spreads under the laws of fluids and collects under the laws of solids. This causes a certain way of appearance at the interaction of fundamental environmental elements: air, water, soil. Waste management must take into account these features and generate appropriate solutions. Packaging waste, especially plastic wastes, suddenly invaded us. The social impact was so strong that the population created stocks to assign them additional destinations: PET bottles, metalized foils, polyethylene foils. Negative environmental impact was slow at first, but then accelerated because political factors did not show a minimum of vigilance regarding the study and management of this waste. Over time, environmental issues became so acute that their study was not even questioned in order to capture those elements that bind to technical solutions leading to solving the problems. In the past decade, ASM institutions focused on solving major environmental problems: the treatment and recovery of winemaking by-products, plastic waste and infectious medical waste. Thus, Moldovan scientists proposed new methods of recovery of winemaking by-products, implemented full-scale industrial complex processing of plastic waste and created an authorized collection point for managing infectious waste resulted from medical activities. Implementing solid waste treatment technologies has major environmental and economical impacts, due to the fact that at the moment solid waste management is a strategic priority in Moldova.