Electrical properties of Cu2ZnGeS4 single crystals
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HAJDEU-CHICAROSH, Elena. Electrical properties of Cu2ZnGeS4 single crystals. In: Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics. Editia a 7-a, 16-19 septembrie 2014, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Institutul de Fizică Aplicată, 2014, p. 107.
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Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics
Editia a 7-a, 2014
Conferința "Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics"
Chișinău, Moldova, 16-19 septembrie 2014

Electrical properties of Cu2ZnGeS4 single crystals

Pag. 107-107

Hajdeu-Chicarosh Elena
Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 27 februarie 2019


The Cu2ZnGeS4 (CZGS) quatemaiy compound is promising for photovoltaic application as an absorber layer of low-cost thin film solar cells. It has a p-type of electrical conductivity and a high abso1ption coefficient [ 1]. Single c1ystals of CZGS were grown by chemical vapor transpo1t using iodine as a transpo1t agent. The temperature dependence of the resistivity p (111) in the range 10 - 300 K An activated character of conductivity was observed in all temperature range. The conductivity in the temperature range 200 - 300 K can be attributed to nearest neighbor hopping (NNH) type conductivity and/or to hole activation from defect acceptor level to the valence band mechanism. At the lower temperatures, 100 - 200 K, the Mott variable-range hopping (VRH) conductivity [2] was observed. Analysis of the Mott - VRH conductivity yields the value of the semi - width of the acceptor band, w~ 130 meV. From the rectangular shape approximation of the density of the states for an acceptor band, the values of the relative acceptor concentration NINc~ 0.2 and the localization radius a/ao ~ 1.2 can be obtained. The values yielded that the investigated samples of CZGS ai·e far from the metal - insulator transition.