Composite As2S3:Mn-Se nanomultilayer structures as media for digital holography
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STRONSKI, Alexander; ACHIMOVA, Elena; PAIUK, Oleksandr; MESHALKIN, Alexei; PRISACAR, Alexandr; TRIDUH, Ghennadi; OLEKSENKO, Pavel F.. Composite As2S3:Mn-Se nanomultilayer structures as media for digital holography. In: Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics. Ediția a 9-a, 25-28 septembrie 2018, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Institutul de Fizică Aplicată, 2018, p. 298.
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Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics
Ediția a 9-a, 2018
Conferința "International Conference on Materials Science and Condensed Matter Physics"
Chișinău, Moldova, 25-28 septembrie 2018

Composite As2S3:Mn-Se nanomultilayer structures as media for digital holography

CZU: 004.92+535.3/.4
Pag. 298-298

Stronski Alexander1, Achimova Elena2, Paiuk Oleksandr1, Meshalkin Alexei2, Prisacar Alexandr2, Triduh Ghennadi2, Oleksenko Pavel F.1
1 V.E. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine,
2 Institute of Applied Physics
17.80013.5007.03/Ua Noi materiale şi structuri compozite funcționale pe baza de sticle calcogenice şi fotopolimeri pentru aplicații optice și optoelectronice
Disponibil în IBN: 13 februarie 2019


Nanomultilayer structures on the base of chalcogenide glasses attract much attention due to their property of surface relief formation under light or e-beam exposure with promising applications in optical elements fabrication, holography, etc. The aim of this study was investigation of digital holograms recording using composite As2S3:Mn-Se nanomultilayer structures (NMLS). The experiments were performed on 1.2 μm thick As2S3:Mn-Se NMLS deposited on rotated glass substrate by thermal evaporation from two isolated boats with bulk As2S3:Mn(2wt%) and Se glasses. The total number of nanolayers was 220, and a thickness of each As2S3:Mn nanolayer was 5 nm and 6 nm of Se nanolayer, correspondingly. Thickness of nanomultilayer structure (NMLS) was ~ 1171±12nm. Optical constants of NMLS and constituent As2S3:Mn and Se layers were obtained from transmission data.  Holographic diffraction gratings were recorded using P:P- and L:R polarization of recording beams. Grating period was 1.1 μ m. Relief profile was close to sinusoidal one. Maximal obtained diffraction efficiency values consisted ~34% for P:P and ~ 9% for L:R polarizations. Digital holograms were also recorded using As2S3:Mn-Se MNL as recording media. Initial amplitude graphical object was used to synthesize digital hologram by Matlab software. Reconstructed images in the first order of diffraction from recorded hologram of MD and UA text images are shown in Fig.1.  The obtained results show that NMLS on the base of chalcogenide glasses are perspective for recording of phase holograms using digital holography methods.