Observation of bright exciton splitting in strained WSe2 monolayers
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MITIOGLU, Anatolie; BUHOT, Jonathan; BALLOTTIN, Mariana; ANGHEL, Sergiu; SUSHKEVICH, Konstantin; KULYUK, Leonid; CHRISTIANEN, Peter. Observation of bright exciton splitting in strained WSe2 monolayers. In: Physical Review B. 2018, nr. 23(98), p. 0. ISSN -.
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Physical Review B
Numărul 23(98) / 2018 / ISSN - /ISSNe 0163-1829

Observation of bright exciton splitting in strained WSe2 monolayers

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.98.235429
Pag. 0-0

Mitioglu Anatolie12, Buhot Jonathan2, Ballottin Mariana2, Anghel Sergiu13, Sushkevich Konstantin4, Kulyuk Leonid1, Christianen Peter2
1 Institute of Applied Physics,
2 Radboud University,
3 Technical University of Dortmund,
4 State University of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 3 februarie 2019


High-resolution magnetophotoluminescence measurements of strained WSe2 monolayers are reported. At low temperature, a splitting of a few meV in the neutral exciton peak is observed, which is attributed to the theoretically predicted in-plane (xy) anisotropy splitting. Measurements in high magnetic fields up to 30 T demonstrate that strain and intervalley electron-hole exchange mix the valley-exciton energy levels, leading to a relaxation of the valley-selective optical selection rules and to strongly modified exciton g factors. Our observation of the bright exciton splitting provides crucial information about the dispersion of valley excitons and paves the way to develop valley functionality for photonic devices.