Competitivitatea economiei nationale prin prisma costului și productivității muncii
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TOACĂ, Zinovia; BRAILĂ, Alexandru; OLĂRESCU, Zaharia. Competitivitatea economiei nationale prin prisma costului și productivității muncii. In: Competitivitatea şi Inovarea în Economia Cunoaşterii. Vol.1, 28-29 septembrie 2018, Chișinău. Chisinau, Republica Moldova: Departamentul Editorial-Poligrafic al ASEM, 2018, pp. 254-261. ISBN 978-9975-75-932-8.
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Competitivitatea şi Inovarea în Economia Cunoaşterii
Vol.1, 2018
Conferința "Competitivitatea şi Inovarea în Economia Cunoaşterii"
Chișinău, Moldova, 28-29 septembrie 2018

Competitivitatea economiei nationale prin prisma costului și productivității muncii

CZU: 338.3:339.137.2(478)
JEL: J24, J30, J31, E24
Pag. 254-261

Toacă Zinovia, Brailă Alexandru, Olărescu Zaharia
Academia de Studii Economice din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 16 ianuarie 2019


Having an important role in the competitiveness of the enterprises and the national economy, labor force plays a central role in the functioning of an economy From the perspective of enterprises the cost of labor includes not only salaries and wages paid to employees, but also non-wage labor costs, in particular the social contributions of the employer to pay workers. The productivity of employees determinate remuneration.. Moldova continues to remain one of the last places among the countries of the region in terms of labor productivity and the medium monthly salary on economy. One of the main issues for the RM is to maintain labor force in the domestic market and one of the conditions to achieve this task is competitive labor productivity, which are in turn driven by investment in advanced technologies in all sector sof the  national economy. Because competitiveness is talking about the prosperity of a nation, the current study aimed at calculating labor productivity, which is a determining factor for the level of pay.  

Productivity, labor costs, average salary per economy, unit labor cost, Gross Domestic Product based on Purchasing-Power-Parity