Оценка загрязненности мёда тяжелыми металлами
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638.162.3 (2)
Întreținerea, creșterea și utilizarea insectelor și a altor astropode (71)
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НЕЙКОВЧЕНА, Ю.; AUTOR, Nou. Оценка загрязненности мёда тяжелыми металлами. In: Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură . Vol.1, 9 februarie 2018, Comrat. Comrat, Republica Moldova: Universitatea de Stat din Comrat, 2018, pp. 135-137. ISBN 978-9975-83-057-7.
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Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură
Vol.1, 2018
Conferința "Ştiinţă, educaţie, cultură"
Comrat, Moldova, 9 februarie 2018

Оценка загрязненности мёда тяжелыми металлами

CZU: 638.162.3
Pag. 135-137

Нейковчена Ю., Autor Nou
Комратский государственный университет
Disponibil în IBN: 20 decembrie 2018


In our time, close attention is paid to the study of the migration of toxic substances in the environment and their presence in food, including bee products.  The study of the results of anthropogenic pollution of the environment has also acquired great importance, since many of the chemicals accumulating in water, air, soil and plants are very dangerous for humans and other living organisms.  Particularly dangerous are heavy metals that show high toxicity in trace amounts - mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. The literature describes the results of numerous studies of the dynamics of heavy metals on the trophic chain "soil-plants-bees-beekeeping products-people» [2, с.45].  Pollution of the environment and food products, including bee products of heavy metals, is currently one of the main environmental problems.

honey, heavy metals, Ecology, pollution, migration,

maximum permissible concentration

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