Pictorial essay in bronchiectasis: Diagnosis and beyond
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MUNTEANU, Oxana; CHESOV, Dumitru; ONEA, Leonid; BOTNARU, Victor. Pictorial essay in bronchiectasis: Diagnosis and beyond. In: Pneumologia. 2018, nr. 3(67), pp. 108-118. ISSN 2067-2993.
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Numărul 3(67) / 2018 / ISSN 2067-2993

Pictorial essay in bronchiectasis: Diagnosis and beyond

Pag. 108-118

Munteanu Oxana1, Chesov Dumitru12, Onea Leonid2, Botnaru Victor1
1 ”Nicolae Testemițanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy,
2 Centrul de Diagnostic German
Disponibil în IBN: 11 decembrie 2018


Progress in imaging technology has improved the diagnostic performance in bronchiectasis, which is outlined by the continuing interest in recent years for this disease, previously considered as an orphan disease. The accessibility of diagnostic imaging tools has enhanced the diagnostic performance, both by identifying clues for the etiological diagnosis of bronchiectasis, as well as by highlighting imaging scores with a potential predictive role. The purpose of this review is to summarize diagnostic leads provided by main available imaging tools and to introduce imaging scores currently available for clinical practice and research in bronchiectasis patients.

Bronchiectasis etiology, Imaging scores,