Impact of information literacy: the contribution of the university library
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ZAVTUR, Natalia. Impact of information literacy: the contribution of the university library. In: MISISQ: Implicare. Creativitate. Durabilitate. 27-28 septembrie 2018, Chisinau. Chisinau, Republica Moldova: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică Medicală USMF „N. Testemiţanu”, 2018, pp. 202-209. ISBN 978-9975-50-226-9.
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MISISQ: Implicare. Creativitate. Durabilitate 2018
Conferința "MISISQ: Implicare. Creativitate. Durabilitate"
Chisinau, Moldova, 27-28 septembrie 2018

Impact of information literacy: the contribution of the university library

Impactul culturii informației: contribuția bibliotecii universitare

CZU: 027.7
Pag. 202-209

Zavtur Natalia
Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei
Disponibil în IBN: 21 noiembrie 2018


The communication supports the necessity to systematically assess of the  information culture training impact in the university library. This is important in elucidating the library's contribution to the creation of the university information environment, identifying the problems and establishing the future tasks of the information culture. On a conceptual level, the confluence of the notions of "impact", "results", "efficiency", "performance" is emphasized. The "private" nature of the impact assessment is emphasized, the expectations being determined by concrete situations. Factors influencing the impact are: the institutional capacity to form the information culture (training programs, trainers, didactic and organizational support), the information policy of the university, the different initial level of the information culture of users and user groups, in part, and the project on the formation of the information culture, the information and technological resources of the library. The impact study on a group of doctoral students, users of the Technical-Scientific Library of the Technical University of Moldova, will allow the creation of a mechanism for adapting and modeling the process of training the information culture to concrete conditions.

information culture, impact, criterion, indicator, performance, library,

informational university environment, users.