Information literacy of the university librarian: trends and effects
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HARCONIŢA, Elena; STRATAN, Elena; ABABII, Lilia. Information literacy of the university librarian: trends and effects. In: MISISQ: Implicare. Creativitate. Durabilitate. 27-28 septembrie 2018, Chisinau. Chisinau, Republica Moldova: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică Medicală USMF „N. Testemiţanu”, 2018, pp. 192-201. ISBN 978-9975-50-226-9.
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MISISQ: Implicare. Creativitate. Durabilitate 2018
Conferința "MISISQ: Implicare. Creativitate. Durabilitate"
Chisinau, Moldova, 27-28 septembrie 2018

Information literacy of the university librarian: trends and effects

Cultura informaţiei bibliotecarului universitar: tendinţe şi efecte

CZU: 027.7
Pag. 192-201

Harconiţa Elena, Stratan Elena, Ababii Lilia
Universitatea de Stat „Alecu Russo“ din Bălţi
Disponibil în IBN: 21 noiembrie 2018


The article describes the importance of international projects for the development of librarians' skills, their impact on the training ofInformation Literacy trainers. The Information Literacy is part of the professional activity of the librarian, who must learn to learn others. The USARB Scientific Library employs 30 trainers, including 13 national trainers within the Center for Continuing Education of Moldov State University. Annually, over 120 training hours are organized for 44 traineers within the Institutional Professional Development Program, documentary / training visits, summer schools, etc. Within the 2018 Summer School librarians have strengthened and upgraded their skills and abilities by being involved in training, workshops for studying and applying modern information products. The librarian-trainers for Information Literacy in USARB, certified of training courses within the MISISQ -Tempus, WP3 Information Technology Education Partners, LNSS - Erasmus +, Moldova-Norway-Romania Partners have used various forms and interactive methods, applications, presentations, tests, online tutorials, which has greatly facilitated the assimilation and dissemination of knowledge.

international projects, USARB Scientific Library, librarians' skills, summer school,

information culture, training of trainers, training