Study of the anthelmintic effectiveness of the Albendaged 10% product at poli – parasites ruminants
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CERCEL, Ilie; ENCIU, Valeriu; NAFORNIŢA, Nicolae; BUZA, Vasile; TOMIȚA, Irina; DIDORUC, Sergiu; CIOBANU, Nicolae. Study of the anthelmintic effectiveness of the Albendaged 10% product at poli – parasites ruminants. In: Sustainable use, protection of animal world and forest management in the context of climate change. Ediția IX, 12-13 octombrie 2016, Chișinău. Chișinău: Institutul de Zoologie, 2016, pp. 109-110. ISBN 978-9975-3022-7-2.
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Sustainable use, protection of animal world and forest management in the context of climate change
Ediția IX, 2016
Conferința "Sustainable use, protection of animal world and forest management in the context of climate change"
Chișinău, Moldova, 12-13 octombrie 2016

Study of the anthelmintic effectiveness of the Albendaged 10% product at poli – parasites ruminants

Pag. 109-110

Cercel Ilie1, Enciu Valeriu1, Naforniţa Nicolae1, Buza Vasile1, Tomița Irina2, Didoruc Sergiu1, Ciobanu Nicolae3
1 Universitatea Agrară de Stat din Moldova,
2 Euro Prime Farmaceuticals SRL,
3 Necunoscută, Moldova
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Prevention of parasitosis to farming ruminants remains a current concern of animal breeders and veterinarians (Zgardan E., Erhan D. Rusu St., et al., 2008). The use and marketing of anthelmintics related compounds, which belong to the group of benzimidazole can be considered as an alternative therapeutic range. As proof serve numerous associations of albendazole, tested or undergoing testing of new conditions, looking for their place in the market of veterinary medicinal products in recent years (Darabus Gh., 2004; Kaplan R., 2004; Rialch A., 2014). The trichostrongilidosis represents helminthosis specific to the ruminants, with gastrointestinal locating to the animals of all ages, manifested clinically by misconduct, diarrhea, weight loss, aestival anemia, cachexia, mainly in late summer and autumn, indicating a seasonal development. Infection occurs at pasture with ingesting food and water. The disease mostly affects young and untreated cases can be fatal (Darabus Gh. et al., 2006). Gastrointestinal nematodes, in larval and adult stages, at small ruminants and cattle, are caused by parasites belonging to the Trichostrongylidae family, which includes the Trichostrongylus, Haemonchus, Ostertagia, Nematodirus, Cooperia genres and lung of nematodes of small ruminants Dictiocaulus and Protostrongylus spp. Also , we should mention that the improper and reckless use of anthelmintic products, including those based on albendazole, generates the resistance of trichostrongylus to benzimidazole group of substances (Zgardan Е., 1974, 1985, Talambuta N., 1995, Cercel Il., 1997, Nicolae C., 2014, Rialch A., 2014). Clinical testing “Albendaged 10%” medicine (Euro Prime Pharmaceuticals LLC) was performed at the Scientific-Practical Institute of Biotechnology in Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine from village of Maximovca, Anenii-Noi district and to a private property, located in the village of Gradiste, Cimişlia district, and the coprologic examination within the Department of Parasitology of SAUM during the years of 2015-2016. Albendaged 10% is a synthetic anthelmintic, which belongs to the group of benzimidazole - derivatives with activity against a wide range of parasites, and also against the adult stages of Fasciola hepatica. This remedy possesses ovicidal action, thus reducing the contamination through pasture. Administered orally, is rapidly absorbed and diffuses into all organs and tissues, causing lysis helminths, regardless of the species and category of animals treated and of their location. Is predominantly eliminated through urine. The need of parasitosis destruction at sheep is mandatory and must include concrete actions on animals, pasture and husbandry system. Although in most flocks of sheep are recorded the same kinds of parasitic infestations, their combating involves two important aspects: diagnosis and treatment. The diagnosis of the majority of important parasitosis at sheep is based on coprologic examination, which will be conducted at least twice a year, preferably during periods of strong infestations (spring and autumn). To establish the efficacy of “Albendaged-10% ‘s anthelmintic preparation, in the household from Maximovca village were selected for the experiment 3 groups of animals of different ages: adult sheep - 37 heads; young sheep - 30 heads; male - 16 heads, and in the private location from Gradiste village: adult sheep - 10 heads; young sheep - 10 heads and males - five heads. The animals showed the following clinical signs: cough, lack of appetite, diarrhea and vomiting. For pre-therapeutic exam 108 biological samples have been collected, used coproovoscopic methods (Fulleborn, Darling), coprolarvoscopic (Popov, Baermann) and of successive laundering. The intensity of invasion with nematodes was set in 5 g. Fetes, and oocysts of Eimeria spp., F. hepatica eggs, D. lanceolatum in 10 microscopic visual fields (10x40). After obtaining of the results, after coprologic examination, we administered the Albendaged-10% product, oral suspension, as a method of treatment and prophylaxis in dose of 0.5 ml / 10 kg b.m., as indicated in the statement of administration. After the administration of the product the health of the animals was considerably improved, coughing and diarrhea disappeared. A second sample collecting of feces from the sheep of the experiment was conducted at 12-14 day after treatment. At the coprologic post-treatment examination were not detected eggs or larvae of helminths, the animals were recovered, became active, they have appetite and have not installed adverse reactions in the result of administration of the product, which denotes a highly effective antiparasitic of the “Albendaged - 10%” product, oral suspension. In the result of the anti-parasite treatment we can certainly confirm that the “Albendaged10%” product as oral suspension, has a highly anthelmintic effectiveness and is very well tolerated by the animals, general condition of the animals was greatly improved. At the animals disappeared coughing, diarrhea, the animals became active and appeared the appetite. Throughout the treatment and testing of veterinary pharmaceutical product have not been registered adverse effects after oral administration of recommended doses.