Rational structure of a tsementobeton for a covering of highways
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2019-02-22 17:09
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Construcția căilor de transport terestru. Construcţii de căi ferate. Construcţii de drumuri (18)
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SOLONENKO, Irina. Rational structure of a tsementobeton for a covering of highways. In: Journal of Engineering Sciences. 2018, nr. 2, pp. 64-67. ISSN 2587-3474.
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Journal of Engineering Sciences
Numărul 2 / 2018 / ISSN 2587-3474 /ISSNe 2587-3482

Rational structure of a tsementobeton for a covering of highways

CZU: 625.84
Pag. 64-67

Solonenko Irina
Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Disponibil în IBN: 6 noiembrie 2018


The article examines the effect of providing the necessary physical, mechanical and operational characteristics of the road pavement material from cement concrete intended for highways. Studies carried out in this area have shown that the technical, economic and operational characteristics of such coatings are largely due to the rational choice of the material composition. In the author's proposed work, a study was made of the effect of durability under compression (fck.cube) and on bending (fctk) and abrasion (G). Changes in these characteristics are achieved by introducing into the cement concrete plasticizer (Dynamon Easy 11), filler (microsilica) and polypropylene fiber (MAPEFIBRE NS 12/ NS 18). The obtained researches made it possible to draw a conclusion that, with rational selection, the composition significantly increases the physico-mechanical and operational characteristics of the material of the pavement from cement concrete.

a cement concrete, a paving, a highways, filler, a fiber, the plasticizing additive.