A New Revolution: Data Revolution (The first steps of Moldova)
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COJOCARU, Igor; COȘULEANU, Ion; ŞTEFANIŢA, Anastasia; COJOCARU, Irina; TODOR, Costel. A New Revolution: Data Revolution (The first steps of Moldova). In: Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days . 4-5 mai 2017, Budapest. Viena, Austria: Facultas Verlags- und Buchhandels AG, 2017, pp. 43-54. ISBN 978-3-903035-14-0.
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Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days 2017
Conferința "Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days "
Budapest, Hungary, 4-5 mai 2017

A New Revolution: Data Revolution (The first steps of Moldova)

CZU: [004:351/354+316.42](478)
Pag. 43-54

Cojocaru Igor1, Coșuleanu Ion1, Ştefaniţa Anastasia1, Cojocaru Irina1, Todor Costel2
1 Institutul de Dezvoltare a Societăţii Informaţionale, Î.S.,
2 CIVICUS Management and Development Company, Bucharest
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The new Agenda 2030 for sustainable development universally adopted by the UN in 2015 with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aims to fight poverty, inequality and climate change. It requires collective action at all levels, more evidence-based development policy-making, better availability of quality data and statistics, and strengthened accountability of development stakeholders, requiring in other words a “Data Revolution for Sustainable Development”. At the moment, Republic of Moldova is in process of nationalizing the SDGs with the support of UNDP. Since data revolution represents the process of monitoring the progress and response to SDG challenges, Moldova was part of a global initiative undertaken in 7 different countries, for mapping and inventory of the data system in each country, required for measuring the sustainable development progress. Its overall objective was to assess the availability of data and institutional modernization capacity needed to implement the post-2015 development agenda. The paper presents the steps undertaken in Moldova for mapping the situation for future localization/adaptation of SDGs to ensure their monitoring in order to achieve the post-2015 Agenda using ICT tools.