E-Government services in Moldova: Value and opportunities
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GRECU, Mihai; COSTAŞ, Ilie; REABOI, Artur. E-Government services in Moldova: Value and opportunities. In: Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days . 4-5 mai 2017, Budapest. Viena, Austria: Facultas Verlags- und Buchhandels AG, 2017, pp. 347-357. ISBN 978-3-903035-14-0.
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Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days 2017
Conferința "Central and Eastern European eDem and eGov Days "
Budapest, Hungary, 4-5 mai 2017

E-Government services in Moldova: Value and opportunities

CZU: 004:351/354(478)
Pag. 347-357

Grecu Mihai1, Costaş Ilie2, Reaboi Artur3
1 Institutul de Dezvoltare a Societăţii Informaţionale, Î.S.,
2 Academia de Studii Economice din Moldova,
3 Centrul de Guvernarea Electronică
Disponibil în IBN: 29 octombrie 2018


Technological progress in ICT has created conditions for a new government paradigm - from a government that leads to a government providing services to society. Technology changes the nature of the connection between government and citizens: governance becomes more participatory and citizens' interests prevail.  The impact of e-Government solutions is complex, on multiple levels, depending on the maturity of the models applied and the capacity of citizens and business to assimilate e-Government services. In a short time, electronic government services in Moldova have evolved from simple information services to integrated transactional services.  On the one hand, this is due to high performance telecommunications infrastructure (broadband, 2G, 3G and 4G technology) and, on the other hand, to citizens' expectations that boosted recently and determined the government to accelerate the implementation of new e-services, increasingly complex and a better quality.  The paper addresses the issue of e-Government services in terms of the value that it gives to the government and to citizens' lives and analyzes opportunities to develop e-Government services in the new technological and social realities.

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