Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the ESP Class
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PETREA, Galina. Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the ESP Class. In: Interconexiunea paradigmelor didactice şi metodologice în predarea limbilor străine, 19-20 ianuarie 2017, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Universitatea Liberă Internațională din Moldova, 2017, Ediția 7-a, pp. 143-153.
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Interconexiunea paradigmelor didactice şi metodologice în predarea limbilor străine
Ediția 7-a, 2017
Seminarul "Interconexiunea paradigmelor didactice şi metodologice în predarea limbilor străine"
Chișinău, Moldova, 19-20 ianuarie 2017

Project-Based Learning (PBL) in the ESP Class

Pag. 143-153

Petrea Galina
Universitatea Liberă Internaţională din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 12 octombrie 2018


PBL has become an efficient method, a comprehensive framework with the help of web-technologies in the ESP class. The present article reflects on the utility of the Decision Balance grid as a motivator tool for increasing students’ awareness and involvement into the learning process. The reference to the project on teaching moral decision-making through moral dilemmas is inspirational from several perspectives: one is the good news that moral behavior can be taught, scaffolded through making moral decisions in complex situations of social interrelations, both live and in the virtual medium (netiquette), professionally included. The concepts borrowed from social psychology could help teachers develop students’ metacognitive and social skills, while building a functioning learning environment. Bloom’s updated digital taxonomy places creativity and collaboration on the tip of the pyramid of learning skills. I analyze therewithal my own experience with PBL in two separate groups using different approaches and digital tools in attaining curriculum study objectives. One group has a PBL project with team work using web authentic material; the other group creates authentic material posts it on the personal learning blog annexed to the class website, so that peers would comment and review their works – collaboration into the virtual medium. The potential gains in terms of acquired skills, self-efficacy and self-worth shaped through the PBL as well as potential approval from society indicate to a great motivator for involvement and achievement.

Decision Balance Sheet, moral dilemmas, project-based learning - PBL,

decision making, self-efficacy, scaffolding, web technologies