Heat Pump Installation for Dairy Plants
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2019-04-22 10:20
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ŞIT, Mihail; BURCIU, Vitalie; IOIŞER, Anatolii; ŞIT, Boris; TIMCENCO, Dumitri. Heat Pump Installation for Dairy Plants. In: Sielmen, october 2015. Ediția 10-a, 6-9 octombrie 2015, Craiova. Craiova, România: Editura ALMA, 2015, pp. 533-535. ISBN 978-606-567-284-0.
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Sielmen, october 2015
Ediția 10-a, 2015
Conferința "Sielmen"
Craiova, Romania, 6-9 octombrie 2015

Heat Pump Installation for Dairy Plants

Pag. 533-535

Şit Mihail, Burciu Vitalie, Ioişer Anatolii, Şit Boris, Timcenco Dumitri
Institute of Power Engineering of ASM
Disponibil în IBN: 6 august 2018


The article presents the installation based on the approach using the integration of the carbon dioxide heat pump in pasteurization and cooling installation for milk and in installations for preparing of hot and "icy" water. The scheme differs from the known by using of additional heat exchangers and by the method of their connection with the main elements of the heat pump installation

heat pump, carbon dioxide, pasteurization,

dairy plant