Operating Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Networks 10 kV
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2020-07-06 09:35
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SM ISO690:2012
BOŞNEAGA, Valeriu; SUSLOV, Victor; POSTOLATY, Vitaly M.. Operating Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Networks 10 kV. In: Sielmen, october 2015. Ediția 10-a, 6-9 octombrie 2015, Craiova. Craiova, România: Editura ALMA, 2015, pp. 177-179. ISBN 978-606-567-284-0.
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Sielmen, october 2015
Ediția 10-a, 2015
Conferința "Sielmen"
Craiova, Romania, 6-9 octombrie 2015

Operating Reliability Evaluation of Distribution Networks 10 kV

CZU: 621.311.1.019.3
Pag. 177-179

Boşneaga Valeriu, Suslov Victor, Postolaty Vitaly M.
Institute of Power Engineering of ASM
Disponibil în IBN: 6 august 2018


Mathematical model for description of flexible alternative current link for connecting power systems with the same rate of frequency is described. The model allows estimating the oscillations of transmitted instantaneous and active powers at different steps of angle adjusting and for other parameters of considered flexible coupling between power systems. Obtained results allow estimating the upper limit of the switching time, which is necessary to ensure by means of semiconductor switching devices the implementation of the adopted algorithm of angle control. The investigation results could be used as the initial step for the development of phase-shifting transformer (PST) with circular phase angle regulation and control systems, ensuring joint operation of power systems with the same nominal frequency of the alternating current.

flexible alternative current link, phase-shifting transformer