The assessment of CO2 emissions from energy industry for the period of 1990-2002 in Moldova
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BÎCOVA, Elena; ŢĂRANU, Marius; SCORPAN, Vasile. The assessment of CO2 emissions from energy industry for the period of 1990-2002 in Moldova. In: Energetica Moldovei. Aspecte regionale de dezvoltare. Ediția I, 21-24 septembrie 2005, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Institutul de Energetică al Academiei de Științe a Moldovei, 2005, pp. 730-736. ISBN 9975-62-145-7.
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Energetica Moldovei. Aspecte regionale de dezvoltare
Ediția I, 2005
Conferința "Energetica Moldovei"
Editia I, 2005, Chișinău, Moldova, 21-24 septembrie 2005

The assessment of CO2 emissions from energy industry for the period of 1990-2002 in Moldova

CZU: [504.054+620.9](478)"1990-2002"
Pag. 730-736

Bîcova Elena, Ţăranu Marius, Scorpan Vasile
Institutul de Energetica al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 2 august 2018


The paper presents the results of an assessment focused on evaluation of CO2 emissions those originates from Energy Industry for 1990-2002 period in the Republic of Moldova. The aim of the assessment was to develop a GHG inventory of a higher quality by improving the methodologies and finding new and improved activity data. The CO2 emission estimates from Energy Industry for the period 1990-1998 have been recalculated due to new activity data becoming available (the Energy Balances of the Republic of Moldova for 1990, 1993-2002 years offered by the National Bureau of Statistics). The obtained results revealed that CO2 emissions from Energy Industry declined by 84.1% within 1990-2002. The inter-annual changes of CO2 emissions from this source category for some years are large, being more than 10%. The reasons for the large fluctuations are due mainly to permanent annual declined in the production in comparison with the base year of 1990, characteristic up to 2000 year (the 1993 and 1996 were the only years since 1990 when an inter-annual increase was observed in the CO2 emissions, of 8.0% and respectively 1.9%, however during the next periods the decrease continued), as well as because of the increase of the natural gas share in the structure of fuel consumed in the thermal and electric energy production, especially at Moldovan Thermoelectric Power Plant (MTPP). A significant increase (of 28.6%) in CO2 emission was registered only in 2001. To be noted that since 2000 the GDP has a stable increase trend in the Republic of Moldova, however this trend was not followed by such index as fuel consumption and energy production within Energy Industry (respective by CO2 emissions originated from fuel combustion).

Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), GHG Inventory,

Energy Industry

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