Recent advances and future trends in power electronics and electric drives
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BOSE, Bimal K., OLESCHUK, Valentin, SIZOV, Alexandr, YAROSHENKO, Evghenii. Recent advances and future trends in power electronics and electric drives. In: Energetica Moldovei. Aspecte regionale de dezvoltare, Ed. Editia I, 2005, 21-24 septembrie 2005, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Institutul de Energetică al Academiei de Științe a Moldovei, 2005, Ediția I, pp. 514-526. ISBN 9975-62-145-7.
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Energetica Moldovei. Aspecte regionale de dezvoltare
Ediția I, 2005
Conferința "Energetica Moldovei"
Editia I, 2005, Chișinău, Moldova, 21-24 septembrie 2005

Recent advances and future trends in power electronics and electric drives

CZU: 620.9+621.38

Pag. 514-526

Bose Bimal K.1, Oleschuk Valentin2, Sizov Alexandr2, Yaroshenko Evghenii2
1 The University of Tennessee,
2 Institute of Power Engineering of ASM
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The technology of power electronics has gone through rapid technological advancement during the last four decades, and recently, its applications are fast expanding in industrial, commercial, residential, military and utility environments. In the global industrial automation, energy conservation and environmental pollution control trends of the 21st century, the widespread impact of power electronics is inevitable. The paper begins with a discussion on global energy generation scenario and the corresponding environmental pollution problem. The mitigation of this problem is then discussed with particular emphasis on energy saving with the help of power electronics. A brief but comprehensive review of the recent advances of power electronics that includes power semiconductor devices, converters, machines, drives and control is incorporated in the paper. Finally, a prognosis for the 21st century has been outlined.

converter, energy, drive, power electronics