Le réalisme de I.L.Caragiale – une réplique roumaine au courent canonique
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2021-05-27 17:54
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821.135.1 (1850)
Literatură romanică balcanică (Literatură română) (1736)
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VLĂDESCU, Andreea. Le réalisme de I.L.Caragiale – une réplique roumaine au courent canonique. In: Intertext . 2018, nr. 1-2(45-46), pp. 139-147. ISSN 1857-3711.
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Numărul 1-2(45-46) / 2018 / ISSN 1857-3711

Le réalisme de I.L.Caragiale – une réplique roumaine au courent canonique

The Realism of I.L. Caragiale – a Romanian Response to Canonical Movement

CZU: 821.135.1

Pag. 139-147

Vlădescu Andreea
Université Spiru-Haret, Bucharest
Disponibil în IBN: 28 iulie 2018


This study is a comparative approach on the work of the Romanian great classic author I.L. Caragiale. Our essay applies the cultural dialogue principle, which was originated by M. Bakhtine to describe the relation between this writer and the Western realism, a doctrinaire one.  This research focuses its perspective on a double starting point. On one hand, it`s about the fact that for the relationship between this work and the the French literary movement to which it belongs to, any influence is out of the question. Same applies to any kind of pattern, any model whatsoever. On another hand, our study also goes off from the observation of the uniqueness that characterizes Ion Luca Caragiale`s entire creation within the Romanian context and of its permanent modernity in a universal context.  Starting our approach from these two ideas, as we advance in our research more and more elements of his outstanding genius are revealed. In addition to what we have already mentioned above, we consider that another two strong arguments stand for Ion Luca Caragiale`s pure originality. Firstly, the Romanian author has practically no direct predecessors in our literature. He may very well be referred to in modern terms as a literary trend settler. Last, but not least, his type of humour lacks any universal equivalence as far as we know.  Through comments, a wide range of examples and elements of analysis, we are committed to prove and, moreover, we make it our mission to point out in this study Caragiale`s uniqueness and originality as we see it: a perfect expression of independence in relation to the Realist perspective

comparative approach, cultural dialogue,

aesthetic reply, aesthetic differences, canonic Realism, literary doctrine.