Etapa post-ISIS în evoluția conflictului sirian
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BOBOC-COJOCARU, Alexandru. Etapa post-ISIS în evoluția conflictului sirian. In: Mediul strategic de securitate: tendinţe şi provocări, 18 mai 2017, Chișinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Academia Militară a Forţelor Armate „Alexandru cel Bun”, 2017, pp. 76-82. ISBN 978-9975-3174-2-9.
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Mediul strategic de securitate: tendinţe şi provocări 2017
Conferința "Mediul strategic de securitate: tendinţe şi provocări"
Chișinău, Moldova, 18 mai 2017

Etapa post-ISIS în evoluția conflictului sirian

Pag. 76-82

Boboc-Cojocaru Alexandru
Universitatea Apollonia din Iași
Disponibil în IBN: 5 iunie 2018


The current collapse of ISIS in terms of military capabilities and the human resource (especially the organizational one), as well as the sharply reduced external financial support, have led to the progressive reduction of the territory controlled by this terrorist group in Syria (especially in northern areas and east of the country), as well as in Iraq (North and West). Although, it seems that we will not see a soon peace that is so necessary for a reconstruction, which would bring stability and prosperity to the Syrian inhabitants, so hardly tried over the last six years of conflict. Regrettably, they seem destined to be just plain viewers of political and military events that radically transform their existence, turning them into a “collateral damage” in the whirl of a tumultuous humanitarian crisis that seems to have no end. This text is intended to be an analysis of the strategic movements and goals pursued by the main actors involved in the Syrian conflict.

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