Green entrepreneurship: EU experience and Ukraine perspectives
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CHYGRYN, Olena. Green entrepreneurship: EU experience and Ukraine perspectives. In: Center for Studies in European Integration Working Papers Series. 2017, nr. 6, pp. 6-13. ISSN -.
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Center for Studies in European Integration Working Papers Series
Numărul 6 / 2017 / ISSN - /ISSNe 2537-6187

Green entrepreneurship: EU experience and Ukraine perspectives

CZU: 338+504.054(4+470)
Pag. 6-13

Chygryn Olena
Сумский Государственный Университет
Disponibil în IBN: 10 decembrie 2017


These days the environmental challenges begin to play crucial role in sustainable development of the countries and regions. European environmental policy aims in the creation of a favorable framework for the development of green entrepreneurship. The paper deals with the analysis of EU experience in supporting and promoting the green entrepreneurship. The author analyzed and systematized the EU trends in GHG emission. The main features and parts of the green economy are described. The author emphasizes that EU has the huge experience in the sphere of developing and providing relevant green activities, which can be used by Ukraine for implementation green entrepreneurship projects on the different levels of the economy. Thus, the green positive practices in Austria, Hungary, Ireland and Spain were described. The author underlines that green entrepreneurship for Ukraine is one of the necessary conditions for improving the environmental status, solving the problems with the rational use of natural resources, increasing the welfare of the citizen, integration into the European Union and to ensure the green of innovative development. The activities which are necessary for mainstreaming for Ukraine’s integrating to the European sustainable entrepreneurship space were considered.  

entrepreneurship, European Union, green economy, funding,