Phase Grating Application for Digital Holographic Imaging
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2020-12-07 13:19
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MESHALKIN, Alexei; CAZAC, Veronica; SHEVKUNOV, Igor; ACHIMOVA, Elena; ABASHKIN, Vladimir; KATKOVNIK, Vladimir. Phase Grating Application for Digital Holographic Imaging. In: Microelectronics and Computer Science. Ediția 9, 19-21 octombrie 2017, Chisinau. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Universitatea Tehnică a Moldovei, 2017, pp. 302-305. ISBN 978-9975-4264-8-0.
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Microelectronics and Computer Science
Ediția 9, 2017
Conferința "Microelectronics and Computer Science"
Chisinau, Moldova, 19-21 octombrie 2017

Phase Grating Application for Digital Holographic Imaging

Pag. 302-305

Meshalkin Alexei1, Cazac Veronica1, Shevkunov Igor2, Achimova Elena1, Abashkin Vladimir1, Katkovnik Vladimir2
1 Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
2 University of Tampere
Disponibil în IBN: 27 octombrie 2017


An application of phase harmonic grating for digital holographic imaging was modeled. The process of digital hologram recording was simulated in off-axis geometry combined by placing a grating in reference or object beam with the subsequent image reconstruction by Local Least Square method. We characterized and evaluated this method by using simulated data of different phase grating parameters (period) and its position and angle in reference or object beam. We show that, by means of a phase grating in reference beam, it is possible to increase the quality of reconstructed image in comparison with holographic recording without grating. This method may find practical applications in three-dimensional digital imaging and microscopy.

digital holographic imaging, off-axis holography,

phase grating