Rolul decorului vestimentar în activitatea politică
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STAN, Valentina; ȚURCANU, Alina. Rolul decorului vestimentar în activitatea politică. In: Moldoscopie. 2017, nr. 3(78), pp. 139-151. ISSN 1812-2566.
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Numărul 3(78) / 2017 / ISSN 1812-2566

Rolul decorului vestimentar în activitatea politică

CZU: 174:327
Pag. 139-151

Stan Valentina1, Țurcanu Alina2
1 Universitatea de Stat din Moldova,
2 Universitatea de Studii Europene din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 14 septembrie 2017


When creating a favorable image for a politician, jewelry also contributes. In this sense, the golden rule is: as simple and discreet as possible. Men's jewelery include the following components: buttonholes, which are chosen according to the color of the shirt; the watch, which is so elegant, the flatter and simpler, and the binding belt must be of natural leather (black); rings (only wedding rings are accepted and so); the handkerchief, which is carried in the inner pocket, from the jacket's chest; writing instruments, which are chosen for personal gown (plastic ones are not recommended). In the political field as in other circumstances, clothing can lead to the success of a discussion or negotiation. The political sphere is not the place where the latest trends in fashion are demonstrated, the atmosphere in question must be accompanied by a certain style. The fashion culture in the modern period is refined according to the weather; which allows the political man to fit into the circuit of values and be accepted by society. The harmonious connection between social responsibility and the objectives mentioned in this paper, which contributes constructively to the creation of a favorable climate and that corresponds to the "person-clothing-person" principle, will enhance the process of communication and collaboration in the political field, in the relations between the countries From the European Union and the Republic of Moldova.