Terorismul contemporan - sursă de pericol asupra sistemului de securitate international
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BENCHECI, Marcel. Terorismul contemporan - sursă de pericol asupra sistemului de securitate international. In: Moldoscopie. 2017, nr. 2(77), pp. 120-135. ISSN 1812-2566.
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Numărul 2(77) / 2017 / ISSN 1812-2566

Terorismul contemporan - sursă de pericol asupra sistemului de securitate international
CZU: 327.5

Pag. 120-135

Bencheci Marcel
Institutul de Cercetări Juridice şi Politice al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 14 septembrie 2017


Contemporary terrorism is one of the most serious dangers posed to the system of international security, the degree of damage becoming truly to destabilize that system, guided by irrational, emotional, chaotic interests and goals, which transforms the phenomenon in one unpredictable and difficult to maintain under control. The special nature of security threats justify exceptional measures in order to combat them. The end of Cold War led to the creation of a new international security system with a new international order based on human values and reconsideration strengthens connections between states and nations. The most important effect of the end of the Cold War was the removal of barriers that have stalled globalization. After the terrorist attacks from September 11, 2001, and the emergence of the Islamic State, the refugee crisis in Europe and insurgencies of Ukrainian separatism show that there is no element of the system of international security - state, international organization, alliance or coalition - which would not be addressed in one form or another, the issue of combating terrorism and security in the world. The international community has repeatedly stressed that terrorism can not be attributed to any religion, nationality or civilization or justified in their name. To the control and suppression of terrorism must be the dialogue between civilizations, the fight against poverty and antiterrorist cooperation of all states, regardless of the political regime which it develops, especially given that terrorist organizations have no ideological basis distinct

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