Biblioteca – Kilometrul Zero al Societăţii Cunoaşterii
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2018-10-08 17:10
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KULIKOVSCHI, Lidia. Biblioteca – Kilometrul Zero al Societăţii Cunoaşterii. In: Magazin bibliologic. 2010, nr. 1-2, pp. 18-23. ISSN 1857-1476.
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Magazin bibliologic
Numărul 1-2 / 2010 / ISSN 1857-1476

Biblioteca – Kilometrul Zero al Societăţii Cunoaşterii

Pag. 18-23

Kulikovschi Lidia
Biblioteca Municipală „B.P.Hasdeu“
Disponibil în IBN: 25 iulie 2017


Starting from to the hypothesis that the library is (or could be) an important actor of the cognitive/knowledge society if it breaks away from its own self veneration avowals, pathological complexes, liberates from financial and institutional scarcities, and takes upon the responsibility of a prolific role by rethinking and redefining its nature, the author characterizes and analyzes the tumultuous context in which the library nowadays operate and highlights the requisites of change, innovation and the library’s interference roles within this framework. The author points out methods through which libraries can adapt to the new context that pollutes and in the same time nurtures the librarian state of existence, as well as the paradigm according to which the Library is an important/valuable actor of the Knowledge Society and identifies deterrents that hinder the important role of the library in the Knowledge Society. The real recognition according to the author will be acknowledged only when the reader, the user, the searcher, the gamer, the blogger will identify something new, something different from everything else that he is willing to try, to use and to recommend to others. Each period entails a perspective based on past reviews or in the worst cases it implies a change of perspectives. In the Knowledge Society libraries don’t have any other choice than to rely on Research/Development/Innovation and to convert the aforementioned activities into fact and results, albeit ensuring the revolutionary/evolutionary role of the library in the knowledge society. The author identifies as well key strategies for intensifying this library role in nowadays Knowledge Society.

biblioteca, societatea cunoaşterii,

receptarea /percepţia bibliotecii, evazionism, complexe profesionale, revoluţionare/evoluţionare, cercetare/dezvoltare/inovare, fidelizarea utilizatorului.