Veritabilă enciclopedie metaforică (spirit, înţelepciune şi poezie în ghicitori)
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2018-09-24 00:34
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Literatură romanică balcanică (Literatură română) (1140)
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COLAC, Tudor. Veritabilă enciclopedie metaforică (spirit, înţelepciune şi poezie în ghicitori). In: Philologia. 2017, nr. 1-2(289-290), pp. 29-34. ISSN 0236-3119.
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Numărul 1-2(289-290) / 2017 / ISSN 0236-3119

Veritabilă enciclopedie metaforică (spirit, înţelepciune şi poezie în ghicitori)

CZU: 821.135.1-193.09
Pag. 29-34

Colac Tudor
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 19 mai 2017


The riddle is a genre of folklore which delighted the clever minds even since the dawn of human civilization, to all nations. With the spread of literacy, the orality falls into disuse. But the riddle is present even nowadays in social sittings, in group works, in military camps, in agricultural labor or other work activities, but especially in the children’s world. The millenary wisdom, gathered in customs, games, traditions, proverbs and riddles is much interpreted by grandparents and parents to their children and grandchildren, in this way encouraging their imagination, creativity and ability to talk metaphorically. In Moldova, we find the first evidences about riddle in Cazania by Varlaam, in 1643, and in Psaltirea în versuri of Dosoftei, in 1673. In 1851, Teodor Stamati published in his collection the first 35 riddles. Later V. Alecsandri, M. Eminescu, B. P. Hasdeu, Simion Florea Marian, A. Gorovei, T. Pamfile, Efim Junghietu, Sergiu Moraru and other writers will publish riddles too. The last mentioned author left us a systematization of riddles in 23 thematic groups. Within the institutional project „Intangible cultural heritage of folklore archives”, the author of this article consulted about a thousand riddles collected by folklorist researchers from Chișinău, samples stored in the Folklore Archives of the ASM’s IF.

riddle, group work, custom, mentality, metaphor, language, initiation, folklore,

social sitting, fantasy, wisdom