Markers of apoptosis and oxidative stress in congestive heart failure
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MAMADOVA, Farah; AZIZOVA, Gulnara; DADASHOVA, Arzu. Markers of apoptosis and oxidative stress in congestive heart failure. In: Moldovan Medical Journal. 2017, nr. 1(60), pp. 22-25. ISSN 2537-6373.
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Moldovan Medical Journal
Numărul 1(60) / 2017 / ISSN 2537-6373 /ISSNe 2537-6381

Markers of apoptosis and oxidative stress in congestive heart failure

CZU: 616.12-008.46-074:577.15
Pag. 22-25

Mamadova Farah, Azizova Gulnara, Dadashova Arzu
Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku
INTAS 2004-78-7193 Imaging GaAs X-ray Detectors
Disponibil în IBN: 3 martie 2017


Background: The aim of this work is to study the markers of apoptosis (granzyme B) and oxidative stress (nitric oxide), as well as indicators of endothelial damage - cystatin C and lipid metabolism in patients with congestive heart failure, and to identify the relationship between these parameters. Material and methods: The study included 114 patients (men and women) with congestive heart failure (CHF), out of which 41 patients with CHF, 39 patients with CHF and diabetes mellitus type 2, and 34 patients with CHF with metabolic syndrome. Biochemical parameters were measured with the help of reagent sets produced by “Human” company (Germany), the contents of granzyme B and cystatin C – with the help of commercial sets produced by “USCN Life Science Inc” company (China), while nitric oxide concentration was determined using a commercial kit by “R

apoptosis, metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus,

congestive heart failure