Benzoyl peroxide decomposition by nitrogen-containing carbon nanomaterials
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HALIARNIK, Daryna; PETUHOV, Oleg; BAKALINSKA, Olga; LUPASCU, Tudor; KARTEL, Mykola. Benzoyl peroxide decomposition by nitrogen-containing carbon nanomaterials. In: Chemistry Journal of Moldova. 2016, nr. 1(11), pp. 91-96. ISSN 1857-1727.
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Chemistry Journal of Moldova
Numărul 1(11) / 2016 / ISSN 1857-1727 /ISSNe 2345-1688

Benzoyl peroxide decomposition by nitrogen-containing carbon nanomaterials

CZU: 543
DOI: 10.19261/cjm.2016.11(1).12
Pag. 91-96

Haliarnik Daryna1, Petuhov Oleg2, Bakalinska Olga1, Lupascu Tudor2, Kartel Mykola1
1 Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry, National Academy of Science of Ukraine,
2 Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
INTAS Interface generating toolkit for symbolic computation systems
Disponibil în IBN: 12 iulie 2016


In this paper the determination of catalytic activities of nanoporous KAU and SKN carbon materials, as well as catalytic activities of their modifi ed (oxygen– and nitrogen–containing) forms and of enzyme catalase by calculating the Michaelis constants according to the kinetics of substrate decomposition has been reported. It has been shown that nitrogen–containing materials provide the highest catalytic activity in non–aqueous media, while the activity of catalase in non-aqueous media is small. It has been established that the catalytic activity of the samples does not correlate with structural parameters but depends on the change of their surface chemistry. The catalytic activity is decreased by the addition of oxygen atoms and, vice-versa, is increased by addition of nitrogen atoms. It has been found that the catalytic activity of studied samples correlates with surface basicity as well as the presence of quaternary nitrogen in the chemical structure.

carbon nanomaterials, benzoyl peroxide, catalytic activity, Michaelis constant,

activated carbon