Органный концерт Дмитрия Киценко: особенности аудиовизуальной версии
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КОЧАРОВА, Галина. Органный концерт Дмитрия Киценко: особенности аудиовизуальной версии. In: Artă şi Educaţie Artistică . 2015, nr. 1(25), pp. 14-24. ISSN 1857-0445.
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Artă şi Educaţie Artistică
Numărul 1(25) / 2015 / ISSN 1857-0445

Органный концерт Дмитрия Киценко: особенности аудиовизуальной версии

CZU: 786.6.082.4
Pag. 14-24

Кочарова Галина
Академия музыки, театра и изобразительных искусств
INTAS Childhood and youth transitions in a transforming society: the case of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 21 iunie 2016


The article presents the audiovisual version of the Organ concerto by composer Dmitry Kitsenko – the work which is acting at different stages of his creation in various genre forms, causing a kind of supercycle, consolidated by intertextual connections. Multimedia transformation of Concerto by introducing the visual range based on the works of A. Dürer modifies the basic concept of this work which requires a new approach to its analysis. The author defines its main directions and describes the main features, with an emphasis on the screen material and its relationship with the musical component.

organ concerto, audio-visual version, concept of work, supercycle,

intertextual connections