Latura subiectivă a infracţiunilor în domeniul concurenţei
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TIMOFEI, Sorin. Latura subiectivă a infracţiunilor în domeniul concurenţei. In: Revista Naţională de Drept. 2010, nr. 11(122), pp. 53-60. ISSN 1811-0770.
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Revista Naţională de Drept
Numărul 11(122) / 2010 / ISSN 1811-0770

Latura subiectivă a infracţiunilor în domeniul concurenţei

Pag. 53-60

Timofei Sorin
Universitatea de Stat din Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 26 martie 2016


In the present study, having as its research object the subjective side of competition offences, it is concluded that both the offense of limiting free competition and as the offence of unfair competition, the intention can only be direct. Similarly, it is shown that, in case of the offence of unfair competition, its purpose can be of two types: a) the indirect purpose, generic to all five ways of the respective offence; b) the direct purpose, specific to each of the five ways of unfair competition. However, the offence purpose is not an obligatory sign to the subjective side of the offense provided by art.2461 PC RM. The offence purpose, specified at art.246 PC RM, is a special one, demonstrated by the words of the article disposal: “that provides market division, restriction to market access, together with the elimination of other economical agents, the increase or maintain of universal prices”. It is argued that it is counterproductive to specify at art.246 PC RM other forms of the offence purpose.