Formează oare articolul o clasă de cuvinte (o „parte de vorbire”?)
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GABINSCHI, Marc. Formează oare articolul o clasă de cuvinte (o „parte de vorbire”?) In: Philologia. 2015, nr. 1-2(277-278), pp. 60-79. ISSN 1857-4300.
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Numărul 1-2(277-278) / 2015 / ISSN 1857-4300 /ISSNe 2587-3717

Formează oare articolul o clasă de cuvinte (o „parte de vorbire”?)
CZU: 811.135.1'1'36

Pag. 60-79

Gabinschi Marc
Institutul de Filologie al AŞM
Disponibil în IBN: 13 august 2015


The author’s argumentation, expounded mostly as a series of objections to C. Dimitriu and in support of other Romanian linguists, is aimed at showing the article (unlike prepositions, conjunctions etc.) having the necessary traits of a categorial marker of a word form of which it is eo ipso a part, hence not being a word itself. Sometimes this is evident (as in case of the adjacent Balkan, Scandinavian, Basque and other post-position or of the Hebrew pre-position), sometimes, however, it is a part of a non-evident split word form, cf. the English split infinitive, a subclass of German verbs etc. (as in West Germanic and West Romance), but always nothing more than a categorial marker. Finally, C. Dimitriu’s denying the existence of the category of definiteness in Romanian is also strongly criticized.

word, Category, marker,

word form, adjacent, split.