Neuro-vegetative disorders in premenstrual syndrome
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2018-05-18 16:09
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MOLDOVANU, Ion; MAZUR, Ina. Neuro-vegetative disorders in premenstrual syndrome. In: Curierul Medical. 2015, nr. 4(58), pp. 9-12. ISSN 1875-0666.
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Curierul Medical
Numărul 4(58) / 2015 / ISSN 1875-0666

Neuro-vegetative disorders in premenstrual syndrome

CZU: 618.17-008.8-009
Pag. 9-12

Moldovanu Ion, Mazur Ina
”Nicolae Testemițanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy
Disponibil în IBN: 27 iulie 2015


Background: The premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is the complex of psychological, emotional and neuro-vegetative symptoms dependent on cyclical fluctuations of reproductive hormones; due to the present study we investigated the peculiarities of neuro-vegetative signs in patients with premenstrual syndrome. Material and methods: 272 women (136 with moderate/severe premenstrual syndrome and 136 with mild premenstrual symptoms) at the age 18-43 years have been examined. We have used Menstrual Distress Questionnaire (MDQ) to determine clinical profile and intensity of premenstrual symptoms. The pattern of neuro-vegetative signs was assessed by using questionnaire the Motor-Autonomic Profile. Results: The obtained outcomes indicated that the score of MDQ is markedly increased in patients with moderate/severe premenstrual syndrome. Neuro-vegetative symptoms, assessed by the Motor-Autonomic Profile showed that score in most scales was considerably higher in patients with PMS. Conclusions: Parameters of the Motor-Autonomic Profile were higher in most scales and subscales in patients with PMS compared with women without PMS, indicating the presence of the broad range of psycho-vegetative disorders.

premenstrual symptom, premenstrual syndrome, the Motor-Autonomic Profile, neuro-vegetative symptoms, painful symptoms.