On the determination of quantum dot sizes by spectroscopic methods
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2020-04-26 06:23
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537.37:538.9 (1)
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SM ISO690:2012
DOBYNDE, I.; PAVLENKO, Vladimir; BELOUSSOV, Igor. On the determination of quantum dot sizes by spectroscopic methods. In: Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences. 2014, nr. 1-2(13), pp. 38-43. ISSN 1810-648X.
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Moldavian Journal of the Physical Sciences
Numărul 1-2(13) / 2014 / ISSN 1810-648X /ISSNe 2537-6365

On the determination of quantum dot sizes by spectroscopic methods

CZU: 537.37:538.9
Pag. 38-43

Dobynde I., Pavlenko Vladimir, Beloussov Igor
Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Disponibil în IBN: 29 mai 2015


The dependences of the fundamental transition on the quantum dot size obtained experimentally at various temperatures using different measuring methods are analyzed and compared. A simple analytical relationship for approximation of these dependences is proposed. The possibility to extrapolate the results for the case of arbitrary temperature is discussed. Semiconductor low-dimensional systems, in particular semiconductor quantum dots, attract a considerable interest due to the substantial size dependence of the energy of quantum transitions in them. This feature is promising for development of absorption and luminescent materials necessary for solving a wide range of applied problems from optoelectronic imaging and data transfer devices to biological fluorescence labels [1, 2].