КАРПОВ Никифор Семенович (к 55-летию со дня рождения)
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CARP, Simion; ARSENE, Livia; ФЛОРЯ, Василе. КАРПОВ Никифор Семенович (к 55-летию со дня рождения). In: Закон и Жизнь . 2012, nr. 4, pp. 4-5. ISSN 1810-3081.
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Закон и Жизнь
Numărul 4 / 2012 / ISSN 1810-3081

КАРПОВ Никифор Семенович (к 55-летию со дня рождения)

Pag. 4-5

Carp Simion, Arsene Livia, Флоря Василе
Академия „Ștefan cel Mare” МВД Республики Молдова
Disponibil în IBN: 12 decembrie 2013

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<dc:creator>Zaporojan, V.</dc:creator>
<dc:description xml:lang='en'>As consequence of numerous convictions pronounced by ECHR against the Republic of Moldova, our politicians desired to make public the names of the judges who issued juridical acts that were detrimental for the budget of the Republic of Moldova. From this point of view, we consider, that it is time to make public the names of the MPs who adopted these acts, because some convictions to ECHR are due to the
inadequate legislation. The analysis of these legislative and govermental acts will be left to the competence of NGOs, which joining the journalists, accuse the judges.</dc:description>
<dc:source>Administrarea Publică 72 (4) 55-58</dc:source>
<dc:title>O revizuire constituţională contrară voinţei suveranului</dc:title>