КАРПОВ Никифор Семенович (к 55-летию со дня рождения)
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CARP, Simion; ARSENE, Livia; ФЛОРЯ, Василе. КАРПОВ Никифор Семенович (к 55-летию со дня рождения). In: Закон и Жизнь . 2012, nr. 4, pp. 4-5. ISSN 1810-3081.
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Закон и Жизнь
Numărul 4 / 2012 / ISSN 1810-3081

КАРПОВ Никифор Семенович (к 55-летию со дня рождения)

Pag. 4-5

Carp Simion, Arsene Livia, Флоря Василе
Академия „Ștefan cel Mare” МВД Республики Молдова
Disponibil în IBN: 12 decembrie 2013

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<creatorName>Sandu, M.A.</creatorName>
<affiliation>Institutul de Ecologie şi Geografie al AŞM, Moldova, Republica</affiliation>
<creatorName>Stegărescu, V.G.</creatorName>
<affiliation>Institutul de Ecologie şi Geografie al AŞM, Moldova, Republica</affiliation>
<title xml:lang='ro'>Cercetări fundamentale şi aplicative efectuate în domeniul mediului de către Institutul de Ecologie şi Geografie în anii 2006-2011
<publisher>Instrumentul Bibliometric National</publisher>
<relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType='ISSN' relationType='IsPartOf'>1810-9551</relatedIdentifier>
<date dateType='Issued'>2012-10-01</date>
<resourceType resourceTypeGeneral='Text'>Journal article</resourceType>
<description xml:lang='en' descriptionType='Abstract'>Scientific research it returns an important role in the environment threat. In this context the Institute of Ecology and Geography performs basic and applied scientific research on evolution, structure, functioning of ecological, geographical systems, their changes under the action of biotic,
abiotic and anthropogenic factors, on protection of the environment, efficient use of natural resources, environmental security, sustainable development of the economy. The results of researches conducted in 2006-2011 were published in about 1120 publications, of which 28 monographs, 16 teaching methodical work, a dictionary, 22 brochures, 14 maps and posters, 133 materials in international editions, 131 reviewed scientific papers, about 320 summaries of scientific communications at national and international forums, 4 patents by the author.</description>