Умышленное убийство(ст. 145 УК РМ) Коментарий
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Закон и Жизнь
Numărul 3(233) / 2011 / ISSN 1810-3081

Умышленное убийство(ст. 145 УК РМ) Коментарий

Pag. 8-19

Бужор Валерий, Guţuleac Victor
Disponibil în IBN: 25 noiembrie 2013


Life and health of each member of society is the most important value. The protection of these values with the help of criminal standards represents an efficient juridical mechanism. This mechanism, in order to be productive, requires not only qualitative laws, but also their correct interpretation and implementation. This publication and the following ones are dedicated to chapter II commentary from the Special Part of Penal Code of Republic of Moldova ”Crimes against the person’s life and health”.